Colours and materials

Good ingredients are as essential as good recipes

A long-serving expertise together with a thorough knowledge of the materials and the technological research… What’s the outcome? A wide range of materials, plenty of colours and textures both for the outside and inside upholsteries.  

Colori e materiali insieme
COPERTINA ecopelle

Faux leather

Top-class material in terms of strength and durability.

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COPERTINA ecopelle premium

Premium Faux Leather

Highest quality of the top-class material.

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COPERTINA easyline

Easyline faux leather

This range of products shows a modern and fresh version of faux leather.

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COPERTINA cartoncino plastificato

Laminate cardboard

A light and elegant material.

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COPERTINA cartoncino bordato

Rubberised cardboard

Wide range of weaves and colours for this type of cardboard.

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It is the type of material which best lends itself to games of transparency on the outside cover.

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